Rounding Up has a special interest in the AgTech landscape in Australia. We can facilitate collaboration with other companies, here and globally, to fill any gaps that Rounding Up identifies or expand the capability here in the local market.

We are creating a database of AgTech companies and would love to hear your idea and the problem/s you are solving with your technology.

Please use the form to complete the brief questionnaire. This information will be collated into a contact database for Rounding Up to review and identify possible collaborations.

This will enable the opportunity to work with other companies here in Australia, and potentially globally, at no cost to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tony Eyres – Executive Director Rounding Up, on 0429 069 072.

Please complete the form to include your company in the Australian AgTech Companies’ database. This information will be protected by Rounding Up, in accordance with Australian privacy laws – you can read our privacy policy here.

Australian Ag Tech Startup Database

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